Imagine a future with zero-carbon transportation...

By | Katie Hammer
Digital Campaigner, Global Warming Solutions Campaign

Transportation is now America’s leading source of carbon dioxide pollution, having surpassed power plants. As a nation, we produce more transportation-related carbon pollution per person than any other country.

Today, partnering with Frontier Group, we are releasing a new report to tackle this problem head on, highlighting 50 steps we can take to adopt a carbon-free transportation system.

The next step for bee conservation

By | Christy Leavitt
Director of Partnerships

Learn more about recent headlines: "Bee species added to U.S. endangered species list for first time."

U.S. Senators will push 100 percent renewable energy

By | Rob Sargent
Energy Program Director

There’s much still to do to convince Congress and other elected bodies to move us toward 100 percent renewables, but this is an improtant chink in the fossil-fuel industry’s armor.

President Obama announces Clean Energy Savings for All Americans Initiative

By | Ross Sherman
Digital Campaigner, Clean Energy

On Tuesday, President Obama announced plans to make solar accessible to all Americans, regardless of income or housing situation. In a post on Medium, the White House wrote: “President Obama is committed to providing every American family with the option to transition to solar energy and make home improvements to cut their energy bills.”