We helped lead the charge on the first statewide bag ban.

Big victory! California is the first state to ban single-use plastic bags, thanks in large part to the work of our state affiliate in California. When this law goes into effect in July 2015, we’ll take billions of plastic bags out of our environment. That means cleaner rivers and a safer future for sea turtles and other Pacific wildlife. In 2013, the number of communities banning plastic disposable bags—the kind that  often wash into the sea and harm sea birds and other marine animals—surpassed 100, thanks in part to the advocacy and organizing of our state affiliates across the country.

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Catching the Wind

The Atlantic coastline is at the epicenter of America’s energy and environmental challenges, with state leaders currently facing critical decisions to meet the region’s growing energy demands and protect our communities and wildlife from the impacts of climate change. The cities, metropolitan areas, and sprawling suburbs that stretch along the East Coast have a massive, pollution-free energy source ready to meet these challenges –– offshore wind.

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Governor Christie Moves Forward with Plan to Double Down on Climate Inaction

Trenton—After announcing its intentions to do so in May, the Christie Administration today formally proposed to once again prevent New Jersey from participating in a regional program that limits dangerous climate-changing pollution from power plants. This action comes despite the New Jersey legislature twice voting to keep the state in the program, overwhelming bipartisan support for pollution limits from state residents, and a court ruling earlier this year that a previous attempt to dodge the limits was done illegally. 

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America’s First Offshore Wind Farm Wins Department of Energy Backing

Wind energy has the potential to take off in the upcoming years as the Department of Energy announces a major step in harnessing this renewable energy source.

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Coalition Letter Urges MA Legislators to Pass Fracking Moratorium

Today, Environment Massachusetts delivered a letter signed by more than 30 local and statewide environmental groups urging legislators on Beacon Hill to pass a bill to keep Massachusetts safe from fracking. 

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