We helped win the single biggest action our country has ever taken on climate

Under the newly announced Clean Power Plan, gas and coal power plants will pollute 32 percent less and clean energy sources such as wind and solar will meet much more of the nation’s electricity needs. Environment America is proud of the role we’ve played to galvanize public support for this historic plan. With continued commitment from President Obama and state leaders, and strong backing from the American people, this will mark a giant shift toward the 100 percent clean energy reality that the climate crisis demands and future generations deserve.

News Release | Environment America

House Passes “Oil Above All” Energy Package

The U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 4480, a package of bills that seek to open millions of acres of public lands to drilling, deepen our dependence on oil, create gaping holes in the Clean Air Act, and severely limit the scope of citizen participation in federal decisions regarding public lands. Environment America stands with the environmental community in opposing House Leadership’s relentless pursuit of an “oil above all” energy policy.

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News Release | Environment America

Colorado Senator Calls for Land and Water Conservation

With the deadline for a deal on a transportation-funding bill fast approaching, Senator Mark Udall urged his colleagues to support a critical conservation provision in the conferenced bill. 

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News Release | Environment Rhode Island

Legislation signed by Governor to put Rhode Island on track for 50% less petroleum by 2050

This week, Governor Lincoln Chafee signed into law a bill (S2186, H7261) to set up a Petroleum Savings & Independence Advisory Commission to study and reduce Rhode Island’s reliance on petroleum, with petroleum use reduction targets set at 30% less by 2030 and 50% by 2050.

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News Release | Environment New Jersey

Environment New Jersey Hails Assembly Vote to Ban Toxic Waste from Fracking in New Jersey

In the latest state action against fracking, the New Jersey Assembly today approved a measure to ban the processing of fracking wastewater.  Environment New Jersey and its allies stepped up efforts to build support for Assemblywoman Connie Wagner’s bill after learning that fracking waste had already been shipped to New Jersey, and discharged into the Delaware via a DuPont facility in Salem County.   Legislators approved the bill (A575) this afternoon by a veto-proof majority of 56-19. 

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Where Are the Clean Water Rules? | Shelley Vinyard

Across the country, 60 percent of our streams, 117 million Americans’ drinking water, and 20 million acres of wetlands lack adequate protection from pollution. President Obama took a step toward fixing this last year by proposing new guidelines to restore these protections, and we have played a huge role in making this happened. But the protections have not been finalized yet.

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