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Los Angeles to Chart Path to 100% Renewable Energy

Los Angeles – Today, the Los Angeles City Council stepped up its climate leadership by directing the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power to work with area academics and other stakeholders to determine how to move the city to 100% renewable energy.

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President Obama creates the first marine monument in U.S. Atlantic waters

BOSTON, MA -- President Obama created the first marine monument in U.S. Atlantic waters today, adding New England’s Coral Canyons and Seamounts to the long list of lands and seas he has protected during his administration.

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Businesses, Cities See Big Benefits from Pollution Reduction Program

Washington, D.C. — As the U.S. Court of Appeals prepares to hear arguments on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan later this month, Environment America Research & Policy Center released a report showing that curbing dangerous carbon pollution can reduce the risk of global warming and benefit communities at the same time. 

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Senate Approves Aid for Flint and Other Communities Facing Lead-Contaminated Drinking Water

Washington, DC – This afternoon, the U.S. Senate voted to authorize funding to address drinking water contaminated with lead in Flint and other communities across the country.  The safe drinking water funding provisions were included in S. 2848, a bill to reauthorize the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). 

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Victory for climate, drinking water and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Washington, D.C. - The Obama Administration stepped in today and halted construction of a key portion of the Dakota Access Pipeline near Sacred Stone Camp citing tribal and environmental concerns as well as ongoing activism in its decision. This action came after the D.C. district court ruled against the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe earlier this afternoon.