America’s national parks should be protected, not shortchanged

Places like Riverbend Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway are a big part of what makes this country so great. They’re where we go to spend time outdoors with our families and friends, to hike, bike, fish and see wild animals.

Pollution, logging, overdevelopment

Yet instead of helping protect and preserve these places for our kids, some shortsighted leaders in Congress want to eliminate funding for our successful park programs. If they get their way, funding will be slashed—a move that would leave our best places with less protection against pollution, logging and overdevelopment. These places deserve better. It’s up to us to protect them for the next generation.

When Congress shut down our national parks last fall, millions of Americans raised their voices and forced Washington to reopen them. It’s time to stand up for the places we love again—before we see more damage done to the most beautiful parts of our country.

A lasting legacy

Environment America is bringing people together to urge our senators to make preserving special places a priority. By standing up to anti-environment members of Congress, our senators can leave a lasting legacy for our parks.

Together, we can win

Members and supporters like you make it possible for our staff to conduct research, make our case to the media, testify in Washington, D.C., and build the grassroots support necessary to protect the places we love.

Parks and Conservation Updates

News Release | PennEnvironment

Pennsylvania Budget a Mixed Bag on the Environment

As the dust settled on a sprint-like finish to state budget passage, citizen-based environmental group PennEnvironment judged the outcome as a mixed bag for the Commonwealth’s environment.

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News Release | Environment America

House Passes “Oil Above All” Energy Package

The U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 4480, a package of bills that seek to open millions of acres of public lands to drilling, deepen our dependence on oil, create gaping holes in the Clean Air Act, and severely limit the scope of citizen participation in federal decisions regarding public lands. Environment America stands with the environmental community in opposing House Leadership’s relentless pursuit of an “oil above all” energy policy.

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News Release | Environment America

Colorado Senator Calls for Land and Water Conservation

With the deadline for a deal on a transportation-funding bill fast approaching, Senator Mark Udall urged his colleagues to support a critical conservation provision in the conferenced bill. 

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News Release | Environment America

House Bill Lifts Lands Protections from Alaska to Arizona

At 5 pm today, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on a package of bills that represent another direct attack on the Best of America: from Alaska’s ancient forests to the shores of North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras, not to mention all public lands within 100 miles of the nation’s border. Environment America joins with conservation groups, sportsmen, Native American tribal organizations, businesses and Hispanic and immigration reform advocates to oppose H.R. 2578 the so-called “Conservation and Economic Growth Act.”

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News Release | Environment Maine

Committee Votes to Rubber Stamp Bill that Threatens Maine's North Woods After Governor Twists Arms

At a work session in Augusta, the Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry voted to approve LD 1798, the LePage administration bill that would roll back 40 years of protections for the North Woods. Gov. Paul LePage met with Republican committee members earlier today to insist that they fall in line.

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