We launched campaigns to promote sustainable farms.

Farming should help the environment, not hurt it. Yet large-scale, industrial farms that cause a host of problems for our water, air and quality of life dominate agriculture today. In 2013, Environment America state affiliates launched campaigns to get more fresh, local and sustainable food for our restuarants, schools and communities, and ensure that farming doesn't pollute our land or waterways.


We protected Glacier National Park from drilling.

More than 200,000 acres surrounding Glacier National Park are now protected from drilling, after we mobilized thousands of people in Montana and across the country to urge Montana’s senators and former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to ban nearby drilling. BP, Halliburton and the other companies that had leased sites saw the writing on the wall and voluntarily relinquished more than 80% of their drilling leases.


We delivered 3 million comments in support of clean air.

Together with our allies, we’ve delivered more than 3 million comments and joined hundreds of citizens at hearings to support the EPA's proposed carbon pollution standards for new power plants.