Wildlife & wild places

Can you imagine a world filled with more wildlife and wild places? So can we. And we’re working together to make it happen.

Every minute, we’re losing two football fields worth of wild lands, and too many animal species face extinction. It’s up to us to turn things around. We imagine an America with more mountaintops where all we see is forests below, with more rivers that flow wild and free, more shoreline where all we hear are waves. An America with abundant wildlife, from butterflies and bees floating lazily in your backyard, to the howl of a coyote in the distance, to the breach of a whale just visible from the shore. Together, we can work toward this better future.

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Testimony on offshore oil and gas lease sale in Cook Inlet

Protect Our Oceans

Testimony on offshore oil and gas lease sale in Cook Inlet

On September 12th, BOEM held a public hearing on their proposed five-year (2023-2028) program for offshore oil and gas lease sales. Their proposal includes one sale in Cook Inlet in addition to sales in the Gulf of Mexico. State Director Dyani Chapman testified in favor of no new leases.

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