Statement: Fairbanks Borough Assembly approves resolution to transition municipal fleet away from fossil fuels

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ANCHORAGEBy a vote of 5 to 3, the Fairbanks Borough Assembly adopted a resolution on Thursday that will support acquiring electric vehicles and included a goal to transition at least 50% of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Fleet to electric by 2033. The municipality will seek federal funding for electric vehicle charging infrastructure from the Bipartisan Infrastructure and Jobs Act to assist in this transition. The resolution, intended to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and improve local air quality, was introduced by Assembly Member Savannah Fletcher.

In response, Alaska Environment State Director Dyani Chapman issued the following statement: 

“Fairbanks had a big win last night when the assembly passed this resolution. When municipalities transition their fleets, it seeds the infrastructure individuals need to more confidently adopt electric vehicles as well. Alaska’s climate is warming quickly, and Fairbanks consistently struggles with poor air quality. Expanding electric vehicles in the municipality will help reduce greenhouse gas pollution and improve air quality for Fairbanks residents. ”