State progress cutting transportation-related carbon emissions

Use our map to find which states have passed measures to electrify cars, electrify buses, and provide transportation alternatives.

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Morgan Folger

Former Director, Destination: Zero Carbon, Environment America

We have myriad opportunities to transform our transportation systems at the local, state and regional levels, which can ultimately pave the way for action at the federal level.

Thanks in part to the work we’ve done, 13 states, representing a quarter of all vehicles in the U.S., now require a rising share of new cars to be electric. New York City, Chicago, Seattle and the state of California have already committed to switch from dirty diesel to clean electric buses. Our network has led efforts to improve public transportation and build safer streets for walking and biking in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin.


Morgan Folger

Former Director, Destination: Zero Carbon, Environment America

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