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E-bikes on the verge of being regulated as bicycles

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The Alaska legislature passed a bill which classifies electric bicycles (e-bikes) as bicycles in statute. The bill, HB 8, was sponsored by Representative Ashley Carrick from Fairbanks.

E-bikes are a great addition to our transportation system. There are a few different types of e-bikes, but the basic design includes both pedals and an electric motor which does some of the work. That boost can make a regular work commute, grocery shop, or kid drop-off by bicycle feasible for more people.  E-bikes are more efficient than cars, even electric cars. When folks use them in place of a car trip, it improves our air quality and helps reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

Classifying e-bikes as bicycles will give more Alaskans confidence in investing in and using an e-bike. They’ll have a better idea of what the rules are, where they can use them, and whether they are eligible to use them.

We look forward to Governor Dunleavy signing HB 8 into law.

Next step? Making sure that the electricity charging those e-bikes comes from renewable sources.

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