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Final Opportunity to Help Stop Pebble Mine

Comments to protect Bristol Bay from the Pebble Mine are due on September 6th. This is the last chance to get them in!

Picture of a postcard with salmon on it and a comment on the backside to stop the Pebble mine and a pen to sign
Dyani Chapman | TPIN

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed to use power granted by the Clean Water Act to protect certain headwaters of Bristol Bay from the Pebble Mine. They are currently collecting comments on that proposal from the public, and the final day to weigh in is September 6th. If you haven’t submitted a comment, now is the time.

Bristol Bay had another record breaking salmon run this summer with a count over 70 million. Those salmon feed people, bears, birds, the trees, the soil, and are essential to the region’s health. That kind of abundance will only persist if the headwaters are kept healthy.

For decades, mining companies have wanted to establish an open-pit mine in some of the headwaters. The science is clear though- that mining will hurt the water, the fishery, and the ecosystem. We need to veto the Pebble Mine.

Submit your comment here before Tuesday!

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