Clean water to drink and clean air to breathe; healthy lakes, rivers and forests; sources of energy that don’t pollute and never run out — all this should be the heritage we leave to future generations. Our staff research the issues, educate the public, and win tangible results for a greener future.

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Environment Arizona Research & Policy Center has one mission that drives everything we do: to protect our natural world. We envision a better, greener Arizona: one that protects and restores more places where all life can thrive and offers us and our children the opportunity to live healthier, more enriching lives. 

We do research that helps us understand the problems we need to solve. We provide education for people like you and the decision-makers who direct our nation’s future. Together, we’re advancing policies and practices that put our country, and the planet, on a better path.

In a politically divided country, with a Congress that’s gridlocked more often than not, we keep finding ways to make a positive difference for the planet. 

Our work
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Our work

Clean air, clean water, wide open spaces and a stable climate: we’re working to protect it all. Find out more about what we’re working on, and how you can help.

Working together

We endeavor to unite people from all across the political spectrum, whether they are farmers who benefit from wind turbines on their land, or people in our cities and towns who want to store and share the solar energy generated on their rooftops, or restaurant owners who are finding alternatives to foam containers and straws to reduce single-use plastics. 

At Environment Arizona Research & Policy Center, our staff work together to investigate problems, craft solutions, and educate the public and decision-makers in pursuit of a greener future.

Our staff
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Our staff

Strategic thinking, efficient planning, deep passion and untold hours on the job distinguish the Environment Arizona Research & Policy Center team of researchers, advocates, attorneys and organizers. Meet the team.

Join us

We stand up for the environment, and it’s people like you who make it all possible. Our staff research problems, identify solutions and educate the public. Your support amplifies all of our research and advocacy.

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Donate Today

Our research and public education work are all made possible by tax-deductible contributions from supporters like you.


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