Environment Arizona statement on failure of Proposition 127

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Environment Arizona

PHOENIX — Arizonans have voted down Proposition 127, a ballot measure that would have set a goal for regulated utilities to generate half of their power from renewable energy by 2030.

Environment Arizona had endorsed a “YES” vote on Prop 127, and had encouraged our members and the public to support the initiative, which would harness more clean, renewable energy for the benefit of Arizona’s environment and public health.

Environment Arizona Go Solar Campaign Director Bret Fanshaw released this statement:

“Passing Proposition 127 would have given a much-needed boost to renewable energy in a state that gets plenty of sun, but still gets most of its power from fossil fuels.

There’s no question Arizonans want cleaner air and a healthier environment. We can see the effects of climate change around us in rising temperatures, dangerous wildfires and continual drought. But we have more work to do to turn our air and our climate into priorities at the ballot box.

As even Prop 127’s opponents noted during the campaign, Arizonans do want renewable energy. Solar power is wildly popular because it’s clean, it’s cheap and it’s homegrown. And it’s a key component of a livable future in Arizona. So we’ll keep working with elected officials, state regulators, the utility companies, and most of all, the people of Arizona, to make the environment a priority and put our state on a path to a cleaner, healthier future.”