Urge Costco to protect the boreal with forest-free toilet paper

Eelco Böhtlingk |

Costco CEO Ron Vachris,

Logging has been cutting away at the boreal forest for far too long, leaving a patchwork of trees and putting wildlife at risk. Destroying forests for a little toilet paper just isn’t worth it.

Costco should commit to protect the boreal forest. Specifically, Costco should switch to forest-free tissue products for 50% or more of its tissue products by 2025. Your company can make toilet paper with recycled paper or other alternatives that don’t rely on logging our precious forests.

Toilet paper is one of Costco’s best-selling items, and it can play a big role in protecting our forests. If Costco commits to selling more forest-free toilet paper, it could save acres of boreal trees from being cut down and later flushed away.



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