100% on the line with Terry for Virginia–a $100,000 contribution in the closing weeks

Environment America Action Fund recognizes the stakes this year in Virginia, where voters are already headed to the polls to decide who will lead the state for the next four years. All members of the House of Delegates will be on the ballot, including Terry McAuliffe–Virginia’s former governor who is seeking another term.

And with that governor’s race polling tightly–within the margin of error–we are taking this race seriously. So much progress has been made in Virginia since Terry McAuliffe first served as governor, from strong environment policies like Virginia’s commitment to 100% renewable energy and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay. Now is not the time to take this hard earned progress for granted and risk the clock being rolled back on our environment and the next generation of Virginians.

To the point, Terry McAuliffe’s name on the ballot signaled to us a past and a future we can trust. And this is why we made a $100,000 contribution to the McAuliffe campaign. Know too that Environment America’s state affiliate, Environment Virginia, has endorsed his candidacy and will be reminding its members and supporters to vote for him on or before Tuesday, November 2nd.


Paid for by Environment America Action Fund–www.environmentamericaactionfund.org–and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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