A Giving Tuesday gift that matters for the planet

By making your Giving Tuesday gift today, you’re helping to restore and protect our environment — from saving the bees to defending our forests and so much more.


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When you make a Giving Tuesday gift to Environment America, you’re supporting our sole mission: to restore and protect the natural world. 

We believe that protecting the environment is the most profound challenge of our time. When temperatures are rising; hurricanes, wildfires and droughts are worsening; and our last remaining wild places are being lost to logging, mining and drilling, we understand that there is nothing more important than doing everything we can to put the health of our environment at the front and center.

We work to make environmental progress in Washington, D.C., of course, but our focus is in the states, and on protecting the clean air, clean water and special places close to home. We don’t get bogged down in partisan politics over positions that have nothing to do with the health of our planet. We stay focused on getting real results for our environment.

And when you donate to our Giving Tuesday Drive, you’re giving our team of advocates, organizers, researchers and more the support we need to win real, lasting environmental progress. 

Here’s a look at some of our priority projects in the months ahead:

Pisgah National Forest
Gary Peeples / USFWS | Public Domain
Pisgah National Forest

Protect wild places

We’re working to protect America’s oldest trees. Earlier this year, we helped convince the U.S. Forest Service to start the rulemaking process to protect mature and old-growth trees from logging in our national forests, and we alerted the public to the opportunity to take action. 

Our staff, supporters and coalition partners came together in an overwhelming show of support and delivered more than 500,000 public comments urging the Forest Service to protect our oldest trees. Now, the ball is in the Forest Service’s court, and we’re standing at the ready to push these protections over the finish line.

We’re also defending mature trees from a congressional effort to force the Forest Service to prioritize cutting them down. Already during our Giving Tuesday Drive, we’ve rallied tens of thousands of supporters like you to urge lawmakers to oppose the deceptively named Promoting Effective Forest Management Act of 2023.

Your Giving Tuesday gift helps keep our oldest trees standing.

Public Domain | Public Domain

Save the bees

We’re making the world a little safer for bees. Today, 1 in 4 Americans lives in a state that has restricted the use of bee-killing pesticides, thanks in part to the work of our national network. We’ve been working to win bans state by state, and in 2023, Colorado and California became the two most recent states to sign such bills into law. 

And, members like you have helped us deliver tens of thousands of petitions to Amazon and Walmart, urging them to stop selling bee-killing pesticides. We’ve also sent thousands of messages to our decision-makers urging them to expand bee-friendly habitat and to ban the worst uses of the pesticides that are killing bees. With your support, we’ll continue to do all we can to save the bees.

Your Giving Tuesday gift helps keep bees buzzing.

Environment America 100% Renewable Energy Senior Director Johanna Neumann stands on a warehouse rooftop covered in solar panels holding a sign that reads
Tim O'Connor | TPIN

Promote clean energy

We’re helping more Americans repower their lives with clean energy. Throughout 2023, our national clean energy team has led webinars to teach attendees how to use the clean energy tax credits included in the Inflation Reduction Act (which we also helped win in 2022) to install solar panels or heat pumps at home, buy an electric car, switch to all-electric cooking, and more. 

Renewables on the Rise,” a new report from our research partners at Environment America Research & Policy Center, found that our country now produces three times as much energy as we did a decade ago, with all 50 states seeing clean energy growth.

And with supporters like you by our side, we’re urging companies to take advantage of the clean energy solutions right in front of them. There are hundreds of thousands of acres of flat, open, sunny rooftops on America’s big box stores, shopping malls, warehouses and distribution centers. We’re urging FedEx, Walmart and others to put that vast potential to use by installing solar panels on their rooftops.

Your Giving Tuesday gift helps power more of our lives with clean energy.

Put the environment first this Giving Tuesday

We’re proud of the work we’ve accomplished together. And with you by our side, we can’t wait to see what we can do next. 

We have our work cut out for us. Together, we can win nationwide bans on the pesticides that are killing bees. We can protect our forests from being logged at a breakneck pace. And we can do the work we know it will take to reduce pollution and repower our country with clean energy in order to stave off the worst impacts of climate change.

With you by our side, I’m confident we can continue to make important progress in the months to come.

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