Tour a pollinator garden

Native milkweeds, flowers, shrubs and other plants in pollinator gardens provide essential food, water and shelter for pollinators and other wildlife.

Emily Kowalski | TPIN

During Pollinator Week 2023 our Chicago team took a field trip to the pollinator garden at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Lincoln Park. Pollinator gardens provide essential food, water and shelter for bees, butterflies, other pollinators and other wildlife.

Seth Harper, Manager of Horticulture at the museum, gave us a tour around the gardens and showed us some of the important species they have in their butterfly garden. He also shared some tips for how you can plant your own pollinator garden. Thank you to Seth and the whole Nature Museum team for sharing their expertise with us!


Emily Kowalski

Outreach & Engagement Manager, Environment Illinois Research & Education Center

Emily manages the marketing and public engagement strategy for Environment Illinois's campaigns, including our campaign to protect the Great Lakes from plastic pollution. Emily lives in Chicago where she enjoys knitting and biking.

Anna Westbrook

Environment Illinois Protect Pollinators Intern

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