Writing Contest Winner: Sorrow of the Sea

The following poem was submitted to the Greener Together Writing Contest, May 2020.  Thank you to all who participated and we hope you enjoy this winning submission from the under 18 poetry category: What’s your favorite animal? Write a poem from its perspective.

by Margaret Berei


What great death spans this ocean blue

The destruction that follows me at every turn

And what little I can do to change it.


I remember when I used to be surrounded

By my eager brothers and sisters

Filled with excitement for the opportunities

That lied beyond our beach-laden nest

A safe, sweet shelter from the unknown.


As the dusty hue of the horizon appeared

Over the crash of the morning’s waves

Our instincts kicked in,

Telling us to leave the comfort
Of our home and each other

And waddle towards that mass of blue

Big beautiful blue, which would prove

To be the salty kiss of death to my brothers and sisters.


Now I wonder why my mind told me to go,

What demon drew us out to sea

If the journey would prove too treacherous

That only I alone would return to our

Safe, sweet shelter once more.


I soon learned the outside world

Is no exciting place for a baby turtle.