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When I was younger, if you said the word “environmentalism,” I would have thought about the candy wrappers littered on the playground and the stomach-churning angst I had about an ever-deteriorating planet. Now, when I hear the word “environmentalism,” I picture a society that embraces nature and all it has to offer.

Virginia is for renewable energy lovers.

Our national network's staff are a voice in the nation's capital for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the polar bears, caribou and migratory birds that call it home.

Acting locally while thinking globally is reducing our contribution to pollution that's warming the planet and changing our climate.

Whales, turtles and other wildlife that call the ocean home would be safer from oil spills and other ecological harm under a pair of bills approved by the U.S. House of Representatives.

In states across the country, Environment America staff joined #ClimateStrike rallies ahead of the UN climate summit, kicking off a powerful week of climate action.

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Kelsey Lamp
Protect Our Oceans, Advocate

Recently... I walked by the New England Aquarium’s outdoor seal tank. There, with her nose pressed to the glass, a little girl watched a very cute, very hilarious seal bobbing vertically in the water, about to sink to the bottom for a nap. 

I've been a solar energy advocate for a long time. Since 1984, I’ve worked to build support for and enact policies that will help us tap into what is, by far, our largest and most dependable energy resource: the sun. But in all those decades of hard work, something always nagged me. I was spending all this time working to help solar succeed, but I had never taken the time to put solar panels on my own rooftop.

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Elizabeth Ridlington
Associate Director and Senior Policy Analyst, Frontier Group

The Trump administration has announced that it will revoke California’s ability to set strong global warming pollution standards for cars and light trucks. To understand why this is such bad news for public health and the climate, it’s helpful to review the history of air pollution in California and how California’s vehicle emission standards have led to cleaner air and more efficient vehicles for all Americans.