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Several years ago, LEGO set a goal to go 100 percent renewable by 2020. Last month, the Danish company announced that through a combination of investments in energy savings and purchases of wind power contracts, it is on track to meet that goal.   

We know we can have healthier communities right now and a livable future for kids growing up today. But to get there, we must transform the way we produce and consume energy. That’s got to start with a commitment to 100 percent clean, renewable energy.

The prospects for transitioning to an economy 100 percent powered by clean, renewable energy are looking up. If January is any indicator, we are headed in the right direction. According to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) 100 percent of new electricity generation brought on-line in January was from wind and solar.  

The Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences, one of the most prestigious scholarly journals in the U.S., recognized a recent study showing that achieving a 100 percent renewable grid at a low cost is possible, and praised it’s “scientific excellence and originality.”

Our new interactive extreme weather map shows weather-related disasters in the United States over the last five years and tells the stories of the people and communities who have endured some of those disasters and other extreme weather events. 

Many of us have worked hard to make energy efficiency and renewable energy the go-to energy options for the nation and the world.   We won’t get to an economy powered entirely by renewable energy without putting it firmly in the mainstream. According to a new study from the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions, we’ve arrived!  

It’s been inspiring to see the many examples of recent progress toward our goal of 100 percent renewable energy. But, it’s important to remember that we’re all standing on the shoulders of committed people who have forged the path. There is, perhaps no better example than S. David Freeman. 

To achieve our goal of 100% renewables, we need smart strategies that combine energy savings with renewable energy. A great place to start is getting the buildings where we live and work to generate as much energy as they use (net-zero energy). 

Every day we see evidence that the clean energy transition we’ve worked so hard to achieve is underway. Nowhere is it more obvious than the growing number of major corporations making plans to move to 100 percent renewables. 

Meeting all of a school’s energy needs with 100 percent renewable energy is not only great for the environment, but allows schools to save money on electric bills and invest more in teachers, technology, and textbooks. And, it shows communities the feasibility and benefits, while providing valuable lessons for our children!