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The toxic mining spill in the Animas River made international news, but it also helped highlight a problem that is long overdue for a solution. Hard rock metal mining is the most destructive industry in the world. The mining industry should not be allowed to use our public lands to build new mines in and around our cherished waterways until it cleans up from past mining operations.

New technology makes a solar future even easier. What's getting in the way? 

Technological barriers to powering our life with solar energy are crumbling by the day. Coupled with the right mix of solar policies enacted by federal, state and local officials, clean energy technologies will continue to help us tap into the power of the sun.

From October 3rd to October 5th Stop the Frack Attack will be hosting a convention in Denver, Colorado to bring together community leaders and technical experts who are fighting fracking. This will serve as an important opportunity for communities to exchange strategies and improve their ability to fight dirty drilling. 

Across the nation, people are going solar. Every one of you has a different story to tell. This summer we’ve been running a solar-focused photo contest in order to see, hear, and share your stories.

We love the stories we’re getting and we want to see more. So, we’ve extended the contest deadline. Please send in an image, if you haven’t already, by September 15th.

President Obama spent three days in the Alaska, bringing attention to climate change and its impacts in the Arctic. While his efforts to address climate change are important, he continues to permit drilling in this region, which is dangerous for wildlife and prevents us from moving closer to the clean energy future we need. 

As of Aug. 28, the Clean Water Rule is now the law of the land in most states. That means that the streams and wetlands that feed drinking water supplies for one in three Americans are now protected! This historic victory for our waterways and drinking water would not have been possible without all us “small fish” working together against the relentless and ruthless attacks of big polluters and their friends in Congress.

The Obama Administration proposed new rules to regulate methane gas from fracking. While this is an important step in addressing the problems with fracking, the process has many other dangerous aspects that are still unresolved. In the end, the only solution to fracking is to stop it altogether. 

President Obama one thing clear to me and other attendees of the National Clean Energy Summit on Monday – he is ready to tap into the power of the sun. In his speech in Las Vegas, the president stressed the urgent need to implement clean energy solutions in order to cut global warming pollution and strengthen our economic future. 

10 years ago this week, our country was shocked by Hurricane Katrina, one of the worst natural disasters ever to touch the U.S. In the following decade, too many people, including myself, have been affected by global warming-fueled extreme weather events. We touch upon the growing saga of how Americans are affected by climate change and ask you to contribute your story.

For Margo Pellegrino — who recently completed a 1,700 mile journey from New York to Chicago in an outrigger canoe — advocating for clean water can be like “paddling against the wind on a windy day.” Now that she’s back home in Medford Lakes, N.J., she’s not slowed down any in her quest to protect our waterways and ensure clean water for all Americans.