Environment America at the #ClimateStrike

By Andrea McGimsey
Senior Director, Global Warming Solutions Campaign

In states across the country, Environment America staff joined #ClimateStrike rallies ahead of the UN climate summit, kicking off a powerful week of climate action.

In Richmond Virginia...

In Pennsylvania…

Flora Cardoni reported, “a dozen Philly staff and volunteers attended the strike and our PennEnvironment interns collected petitions for the 100% Renewable PA campaign. We even saw other strikers in PennEnvironment 100% renewable energy t-shirts from when we  lobbied lawmakers earlier this year.”

And Flora was one of the speakers at the Bethlehem, PA event.


In North Carolina...

Our staff organized students to ride their bikes for 33 miles from Chapel Hill to the state capital in Raleigh. By showing their commitment to a carbon-free future, they got the attention of the media and further amplified their powerful message.

In Colorado…

Our staff joined in the march from Union Station to the state capital. ((TITLE)) Erik Timlin shared, “It is always a powerful feeling when you march in concert with like-minded people. Walking from Union Station down the 16th Street Mall and up Capitol Hilll to see impassioned people -- one as young as 8 -- speak about the need to address the climate crisis was inspiring. It highlights the severity of the problems we’re facing and gives hope that we have amazing young people fighting for what they, and we, believe in.”

And finally in Washington, DC….

Andrea had the good fortune to stand with climate champ Rep. Paul Tonko during the speeches and thank him for his leadership on climate.



It was a week of climate action across the country, filled with hope and inspiration and channeling our frustration into action. And we have heard the message loud and clear from the younger generation.