Game changer for solar?

By Bret Fanshaw
Solar Program Coordinator

Solar for All

This is a big deal.

This week, President Obama announced a plan to increase the availability of solar energy for all Americans, particularly in low and moderate-income communities and those renting their homes and businesses.

It’s another big step toward a future where we can all access renewable and affordable solar electricity.

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By allowing more Americans to access solar energy, we will continue our country’s necessary transition away from dirty fossil fuels of the past. Coal, oil, gas and other fossil fuels contribute heavily to climate change and adversely affect the health of many low-income communities in America.

The progress we’re making on solar and renewable energy should give us the confidence to do much more, including placing solar on all federal buildings and eventually achieving 100 percent of our power from renewable sources like the sun and the wind.

We still have a long way to go, but with this initiative in place the president just took a great step to improve access to solar energy for folks who have long been considered shut out of opportunities to reap the benefits provided by solar energy.

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There are a bunch reasons we’re excited about the initiative.

Obama’s solar plan: [1]

  1. Triples the administration’s goal to 300 MW of solar on federally subsidized housing.
  2. Provides more tools to communities to install and finance solar projects on affordable housing.
  3. Helps more renters access solar energy with community solar programs promoted by partnerships with the federal government, non-profits, industry and local governments.
  4. Launches solar job training programs for Americans in low-income communities.

And much more.

Brian Deese, President Obama’s senior adviser for climate issues, says this plan is a “part of a bigger-picture effort to try to drive innovation” towards a low carbon future.

We’re working to echo that sentiment and applaud the president for this important action.

Yet, we know fossil fuel interests will fight to block these measures at every step. That’s why we will continue to work with you to stand up for what is right for our nation, health, and environment.

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Thanks for being with us!


[1] White House Blog: Increasing Solar Access for All Americans