Pro-Snow? Go 100 Percent Renewable.

By Bronte Payne
Director, Campaign for 100% Renewable Campuses

We know we can have healthier communities right now and a livable future for kids growing up today. But to get there, we must transform the way we produce and consume energy. That’s got to start with a commitment to 100 percent clean, renewable energy.

As winter draws nearer, the prospect of having a snow-packed holiday season moves farther away. Due to climatological effects, snowpacks are receding and winters are becoming warmer, but many mountain communities refuse to take “no snow” for an answer. Instead, many are taking action to “go pro snow” and committing to use 100 percent renewable energy.

As the number of ski towns committed to 100 percent renewable energy grows, the incentive for other ski communities to follow suit becomes even greater. On October 11, Park City, Utah became the 19th city on the list of ski communities from across Salt Lake City to Aspen and Burlington to take charge and transition to using 100 percent clean and renewable energy.

The Climate Reality Project’s  I AM PRO SNOW CAMPAIGN is protecting the future of snowy weather forecasts through the use of 100 percent renewables. The campaign is gaining momentum with winter sports athletes and enthusiasts, ski communities, resorts, and businesses.  It’s not just because 100 percent renewables means a reduction of global warming, but also because it signals the creation of good local jobs and energy security for families and businesses.

“Whether you are a skier, snowboarder, or just a regular old lover of nature we must act now to save our beloved winters. Our leaders need to hear from us, and they need our support. Let’s get involved. We are all connected – what happens in your local town councils, state legislatures, and in Washington, DC, plays out in the mountains,” says Climate Ambassador and Olympian alpine skier Kaylin Richardson.

To  learn more about the Climate Reality Project’s “I AM PRO SNOW” campaign, click this link.

I AM PRO SNOW is another example of the progress and power of going 100 percent renewable, as the number of fully renewable projects is increasing every day. Be sure to check back for more updates on 100 percent renewables.