Washington is the latest state to go all-in on clean, carbon-free electricity.

On May 7, Gov. Jay Inslee signed the 100% clean electricity bill into law, requiring utilities to obtain 100 percent of their electricity from carbon-free sources by 2045. The law also eliminates coal-powered electricity from the grid by 2030.

“Washington is proving that where there’s a will to do something about climate change, there are several ways. The 100 percent clean energy bill, paired with energy efficiency and clean transportation measures, will clean up our air and water,” said Rob Sargent, senior director of our national network's 100% Renewable Energy campaign. “Washington will not only be a healthier place to live, but it will also show other states a pathway to a clean energy future.”

Washington follows Hawaii, California, Puerto Rico and New Mexico in committing to 100 percent clean electricity. Our staff or members of our national network were key advocates for the bills in Washington, California and New Mexico.

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Photo: Gov. Jay Inslee puts on a 100% hat given to him by Environment Washington State Director Bruce Speight before signing Washington's 100 percent clean electricity bill into law. Credit: Ricky Osborne Photography