California vote sets the stage for new solar and storage standards

California just took another step toward making solar energy the new standard.

Solar power

Mary Katherine Moore

California just took another step toward making solar energy the new standard.

On August 11, the California Energy Commission voted unanimously to advance solar and storage requirements for all new commercial and high-rise residential buildings in the state. If passed by the Building Standards Commission, California will become the first state to adopt these requirements.

“This approval moves California a big step closer to reaching its clean energy goals,” said Environment America Research & Policy Center Go Solar Campaign Director Bronte Payne. “Rooftop solar is among the best and fastest ways to generate clean energy, and we should be doing everything we can to accelerate its growth.”

The move comes as the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) weighs changes to net metering, including a proposal from the state’s investor-owned utilities that would slash the compensation for the extra electricity solar owners put back into the grid. Environment California urges the CPUC to reject the utility proposal and maintain a strong net metering program.

Read more about the decision.

Learn more about our Go Solar campaign.

Photo: California could soon be the first state to require solar and storage on new commercial and high-rise multifamily buildings. Credit: NASA via Rawpixel, CC0 1.0


Mary Katherine Moore

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