Calling for action on climate for Califonia

On March 10, 2022, the California State Assembly’s joint legislative committee on climate change policies met to discuss pathways to achieving climate neutrality.    Ben Grundy, Global Warming Solutions Associate with Environment California, provided testimony at the hearing in support of the Governor’s investments in Zero emission vehicles, decarbonization efforts, and clean energy, especially the investments in offshore wind infrastructure upgrades and solar storage.


“The California legislature must accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels. Environment California supports Dan Kammen’s call for an accelerated 100% EV timeline to 2030 or earlier, aggressive movement forward on offshore wind, and the continued protection of CA’s rooftop solar industry.
Implementing a solar tax and making rooftop solar more expensive is not the pathway to ensuring access to all. Additionally, limiting or halting investments in ZEV infrastructure will slow down our state’s transition to zero emission transportation. California has the worst air quality of any state in the country and our transportation sector accounts for over 50% of ghg emissions and produces toxic tailpipe emissions that places our environment and health at risk. 
As both the sunshine state and a coastal state, California and the California legislature must take full advantage of solar and offshore wind now.”


Ben Grundy

Conservation Campaign Associate, Environment California

Ben leads Environment California’s campaigns to tackle conservation issues at the local and state level. Ben lives in Alameda, where he enjoys playing basketball, cooking and taking walks on the beach.

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