Save California’s bees!

Bees support California's incredible biodiversity, but bee-killing pesticides threaten their survival. Join our campaign. Take action to save the bees!

Save the Bees

California is an amazing place to live, in no small part because of the vibrant plants and wildlife that thrive in our beautiful sunny state. Bees and other pollinators are crucial for supporting this entire web of life. The bees that buzz in the meadows also pollinate the wildflowers. Its just basic biology that the plants that grow most of the fruit and vegetables that we eat need to get pollinated to grow. And bees are nature’s best pollinators. So we must save the bees.

The problem

Unfortunately, California bees are at risk. There are approximately 1600 wild bee species  that are native to California, and over 1/3 of them are now at risk of going extinct. The most recent honeybee count shows nearly half of bee colonies died over this past winter.

Global warming and over-development threaten bees, but one of the biggest harms comes from the overuse of bee killing pesticides, neonicotinoids or ‘neonics’.


Neonics are commonly used on lawns, in parks and in gardening, even when they aren’t needed at all.  Environment Maine, Environment New Jersey and Environment Colorado recently helped pass laws to restrict this unnecessary use of neonics. California can become the tenth state to take this important step to save the bees, with the passage of AB363.

However, a coalition of agriculture and chemical companies blocked similar California legislation last year and oppose the bill again this time.  This summer we’re working with bees champ, Assembly member Rebecca Bauer-Kahan along with a coalition of dozens of environmental and health groups to build enough visibility and public support across the state to convince Governor Newsom and the legislature to take action to save the bees this year!

Save the bees Oakland office with Steve Blackledge, Conservation Program DirectorPhoto by Marc Olivier LeBlanc | Used by permission

This summer, Environment California has campaign offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Los Angeles. One conversation at a time we’re educating the public and generating grassroots public comments. In turn this work raises visibility and turns public enthusiasm for saving bees into results!

Join us! Take action to save the bees today!




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