Calif. mayors join nationwide call for solar power

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Municipal leaders from all 50 states support more clean energy from the sun

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SACRAMENTO – As California gears up for solar on every roof, mayors around the state and country continue to strongly support clean solar power. In a letter released today by Environment California Research & Policy Center, 14 California mayors joined a bipartisan group of more than 250 U.S. municipal leaders from all 50 U.S. states and one territory in support of solar energy. This diverse group of Mayors for Solar Energy resolved “to make solar energy a key element of our communities’ energy plans,” according to the letter. 

Starting on Jan 1, 2020, all new homes in California  will have to be built with solar power. This new law, the first of its kind in the nation, will help the state achieve its commitment to clean energy. And, its implementation is expected to increase the state’s existing solar capacity 22 percent by 2045 while saving California homeowners thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance costs. 

“With solar on every rooftop in the Golden State,  we will cut down on the amount of energy that we need to produce at power plants and create a more efficient grid,” said Dan Jacobson, State Director for Environment California Research and Policy Center. “Rooftop solar will be a big winner for California.”

For years, solar power has been widely popular. The letter released today by Environment California Research and Policy Center confirms that local support for rooftop solar is remains high in California and around the country. Since it was first released in December 2017, the letter has grown to reflect the broad bipartisan national support for solar energy that exists today and is now signed by a diverse, bipartisan list of 252 mayors who recognize the many benefits it delivers to their communities.  

In addition to the solar homes policy, the State of California also passed a bill for 100 percent clean energy last year. This bill will ensure that, by 2045, 100 percent of California’s energy is produced with clean energy. Solar energy will play a key role in making that vision a reality.

“Clean energy provides clean air, puts people to work and helps limit extreme heat and weather events. We need every city, not only here in California, to commit to capturing as much clean renewable energy from the sun as we can,” said Jacobson.


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