California Companies Lead the Way Toward Reducing Toxic Chemicals in the Workplace and in our Homes.

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Environment California Research and Policy Center

“Companies based in California are proving that they can reduce their use of toxic chemicals and still make a healthy profit.,” said Dan Jacobson, Legislative Director for Environment California.

Leading California businesses are showing that consumer products don’t have to contain toxic chemi­cals, threaten public health, or produce large amounts of waste. Safer alterna­tives exist, and they work. Companies that design their products to be safe from the start are seizing new business opportunities, gaining access to new markets, improving efficiency, and sav­ing money—all of which gives them an edge over their competitors. These businesses are also building momentum for a new green chemistry industry in California.

This report highlights seven Gold­en State businesses that are identifying unnecessary hazards in their facilities, in their manufacturing processes and in the products they sell—and acting to eliminate them. They join many other businesses that are making Californians healthier and succeeding in the marketplace by following the principles of green chemistry.

However, the use of safer alternatives to toxic chemicals in commerce remains the exception, rather than the rule. California can protect public health, safeguard our environment, help com­panies remain competitive in the global marketplace, and set an example for the rest of the nation by finalizing the Safer Consumer Products Regulations, a key part of the state’s Green Chemistry Initiative.

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