California, the “surfing state,” reacts to Trump’s offshore drilling plan

Environment California

SACRAMENTO — Today, California’s representatives in the U.S. House joined other congressional leaders in introducing bills to protect our ocean and coastline. Rep. Carbajal (CA-24) introduced a total prohibition of offshore drilling off the coast of California and Rep. Huffman (CA-2) reintroduced similar west coast legislation that also includes the coasts of Oregon and Washington.

These federal bills follow last year’s crucial California legislation, authored by State Assemblyman Muratsuchi (CA-66) and State Senator Jackson (CA-19), that worked to push back against a federal expansion of offshore oil drilling in California waters. Companion bills, AB 1775 and SB 834, prohibited the creation or expansion of oil and gas infrastructure in state waters — from shore to 3 nautical miles into the Pacific — adding an additional costly burden on new drilling in federal waters.

Emily Fieberling, fellow with Environment California, issued the following statement in response:

“The reality, proven time and again, is that when we drill, we spill. In announcing intentions to expand offshore drilling nationwide in early 2018, the Trump administration failed to acknowledge the danger this would pose for our marine ecosystems and our way of life.

“California’s representatives clearly know that coastal drilling won’t reduce America’s dependence on fossil fuels or solve our shared global climate crisis. Instead, it threatens our otters, fish, beaches and the promising hope of a clean energy future for subsequent generations. We’re sending a big thank you to our national representatives and our state champions for their efforts to protect our coastal waters from offshore drilling.

“Threatening our beaches and coastal communities, all for a little more oil, is not only the wrong choice, it’s unnecessary, as renewable energy and clean technologies continue to soar.”