Charge Ahead California Groups React to Multi-State Electric Vehicle Action Plan Announcement

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Environment California Research & Policy Center

SACRAMENTO – Eight large states on the East and West coasts announced specific actions today to advance their 2013 Memorandum of Understanding, which set a goal of 3.3 million electric vehicles on the road in these states by 2025. In addition to California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont are part of the agreement.

California currently accounts for one-third of the nation’s electric vehicles and will continue to play a critical role in helping achieve the multi-state goal. Governor Brown re-affirmed his commitment to California’s electric vehicle future as a priority for his Administration. “We’re on our way to a million electric vehicles,” Brown said in his 2014 State of the State Address.

Charge Ahead California is a collaboration between major groups working to achieve the goal of million electric vehicles in the Golden State in ten years.

Statements from Charge Ahead California steering committee members follow:


“Once again, California’s leadership on cleaner vehicles is paying dividends for our state and well beyond our borders. Governor Brown, like his Republican and Democratic predecessors, is showing that advanced vehicle technologies can reduce pollution, wean us off our addiction to oil, and give consumers more transportation choices.” – Bill Magavern, Policy Director


“Fossil fuel consumption takes a heavy toll on the health and well-being of our communities and our planet. Those living at the fence-lines of polluting operations—from extracting and refining to transportation corridors—and communities disproportionately impacted from climate change, suffer most and deserve aggressive policies to protect public health. We applaud Governor Brown’s leadership and vision in working with other states to begin the transformation of our economy to one which is based on clean energy. This will deliver benefits in job creation, and pollution reduction, and advance green sustainable industries and communities.” – Bahram Fazeli, Policy Director


“Governor Brown and the leaders of the seven partner states have come together at a critical juncture to create a much needed roadmap for revolutionizing the way we drive. By advancing consumer incentives and other key policies, the plan released today can guide the nation to a future in which electric vehicles are more accessible, cleaning up our air and reducing global warming pollution in a significant way. We applaud the release of today’s Multi-State Action Plan and look forward to working with Governor Brown and climate leaders across the country to accelerate the transition to clean, electric vehicles.” – Michelle Kinman, Clean Energy Advocate


We’re glad to see Governor Brown and other states continue pushing to put clean vehicles on our roads. We need to keep up the effort to get electric cars and trucks into the hands of all our communities, including the low-income neighborhoods that too often suffer with the dirtiest air and the health effects of pollution. – Vien Truong, Environmental Equity Director


“Two years ago, Governor Brown issued an unprecedented executive order to accelerate the deployment of zero-emission vehicles in California. Last fall, the governors of seven other key states joined Governor Brown in a uniform commitment to put 3.3 million zero emission vehicles on the road by 2025. Today, they have delivered a multi-state plan with 11 key actions to ensure that goal is reached. While Congress remains gridlocked, this action plan demonstrates states can work together to lead the charge for cleaner air and reduced dependence on oil.”– Max Baumhefner, Attorney, Clean Vehicles and Fuels, Energy & Transportation Program 

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