From Alameda to Yountville, Over 250 Local Leaders Say “Yes” to Electric Vehicles

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Supporting Gov. Brown’s Goal to Reach 1.5 Million Zero Emission Vehicles by 2025

Environment California Research & Policy Center

Los Angeles – Following on last month’s announcement that California has joined with 12 governments in North America and Europe to set a goal for all new passenger vehicles sold in their jurisdictions to be zero-emission vehicles by 2050, Environment California Research & Policy Center released an updated list documenting the accelerating support for electric vehicles among local leaders across the state.

To date, over 250 current and recent mayors, city council members and county supervisors from Oakland and Fresno to San Fernando and Chula Vista, have signed on to say “Yes! I endorse Governor Brown’s pioneering vision to place 1.5 million zero emission vehicles on California’s roads by 2025. By accelerating the deployment of clean vehicles, we can clean up our air, reduce global warming pollution, improve public health, save Californians money at the pump and stimulate economic growth.” (Full list of endorsers below.)

“This new year, California’s leaders—from the Inland Empire, Central Valley, coastal communities and more—are resolving to bring more electric vehicles to Californians,” said Michelle Kinman, clean energy advocate for Environment California Research & Policy Center. “Putting 1.5 million Californians in the driver’s seat of the clean vehicle transformation is a vital step in combatting climate change and ensuring a cleaner, healthier future for all.”

The state is pushing the envelope of what is possible in the clean vehicle revolution, which is critical given that California’s transportation sector is the state’s single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. By September 2015, California had more than 173,000 electric vehicles on the road – more than any other state in the country, and accounting for approximately 40 percent of zero emission vehicle sales in the nation.  But transforming the market to benefit all Californians will take a sustained, long-term commitment to better serve the state’s most polluted communities.

As the Fresno Bee Editorial Board wrote last month, “… for those who say we can’t afford to go electric, we say, do the math. Be sure to include all the incentives – as well as the staggering costs of missed school days, employee absences, emergency room visits, extended hospital stays and premature deaths.”

In September 2014, Governor Brown signed into law the Charge Ahead California Initiative (SB 1275), authored by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, which will put California’s first million electric vehicles on the road by 2023 and ensure that low and moderate income communities, which are disproportionately impacted by air pollution, benefit from the transition to zero tailpipe emissions. Under the Initiative, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) is directed to use a portion of the state’s cap-and-trade revenues to extend the benefits of electric transportation to low and moderate income communities. The ARB has already created pilot programs for electric car sharing in low-income communities and financing assistance for low-income consumers, and has modified the existing low-income driver scrappage program to allow clean vehicle rebates to be added to existing incentives for the retirement and replacement of gross polluters. This spring, the ARB will offer higher electric vehicle rebates to low and moderate income Californians, and will implement an income cap on electric vehicle rebates to ensure that the rebates incentivize car purchases that would not otherwise occur.

“By achieving the 1.5 million goal, California will create a tipping point for clean vehicle sales, lead the country towards a clean vehicle revolution, and continue its position at the forefront of innovative climate change solutions,” said Kinman.

If you are a local elected official who would like to endorse the statement below, please contact Michelle Kinman at [email protected].

As of January 4, 2016, over 250 current and former* local elected officials endorse this statement:

Yes! I endorse Governor Brown’s pioneering vision to place 1.5 million zero emission vehicles on California’s roads by 2025. By accelerating the deployment of clean vehicles, we can clean up our air, reduce global warming pollution, improve public health, save Californians money at the pump and stimulate economic growth.

  1. Trish Spencer, Alameda Mayor
  2. Frank Matarrese, Alameda Vice Mayor
  3. Jim Oddie, Alameda Councilmember
  4. Lena Tam, Alameda Former Councilmember
  5. Stewart Chen, Alameda Former Councilmember
  6. Peter Maass, Albany Mayor
  7. Lynn Morgan, Amador County Supervisor
  8. Mary Rocha, Antioch Councilmember
  9. John Wuo, Arcadia Mayor
  10. Miguel Canales, Artesia Mayor
  11. Victor Manalo, Artesia Mayor Pro Tem
  12. Ali Sajjad Taj, Artesia Councilmember
  13. Rick DeGolia, Atherton Mayor
  14. Elizabeth Lewis, Atherton Vice Mayor
  15. Ricardo Pacheco, Baldwin Park Mayor Pro Tem
  16. Nestor Valencia, Bell Councilmember
  17. Elizabeth Patterson, Benicia Mayor
  18. Tom Bates, Berkeley Mayor
  19. Jesse Arreguín, Berkeley Councilmember
  20. Lori Droste, Berkeley Councilmember
  21. Linda Maio, Berkeley Councilmember
  22. Darryl Moore, Berkeley Councilmember
  23. Max Anderson, Berkeley Councilmember
  24. Susan Wengraf, Berkeley Councilmember
  25. Kriss Worthington, Berkeley Councilmember
  26. Fred Gaines, Calabasas Councilmember
  27. Mary Sue Maurer, Calabasas Councilmember
  28. Chris Wright, Calaveras County Supervisor
  29. Jason Baker, Campbell Vice Mayor
  30. Ed Bottorff, Capitola Vice Mayor
  31. Stephanie Harlan, Capitola Councilmember
  32. Albert Robles, Carson Councilmember
  33. Jim Dear, Carson City Clerk
  34. Greg Pettis, Cathedral City Mayor Pro Tem
  35. Mary Salas, Chula Vista Mayor
  36. Joe Lyons, Claremont Mayor
  37. Oralia Rebollo, Commerce Councilmember
  38. Aja Brown, Compton Mayor
  39. Christian Hernandez, Cudahy Vice Mayor
  40. Micheál O’Leary, Culver City Mayor
  41. Meghan Sahli-Wells, Culver City Councilmember
  42. Jim B. Clarke, Culver City Councilmember
  43. Rod Sinks, Cupertino Mayor
  44. Barry Chang, Cupertino Vice Mayor
  45. Dan Wolk, Davis Mayor
  46. Lucas Frerichs, Davis Councilmember
  47. Brett Lee, Davis Councilmember
  48. Don Mosier Del Mar Councilmember
  49. Dwight Worden Del Mar Councilmember
  50. Sam Kang, Duarte Mayor Pro Tem
  51. David Haubert, Dublin Mayor
  52. Don Biddle Dublin Councilmember
  53. Tim Sbranti, Dublin Former Mayor
  54. Mark Friedman, El Cerrito Mayor
  55. Gabe Quinto, El Cerrito Councilmember
  56. Janet Abelson, El Cerrito Councilmember
  57. Sue Novasel, El Dorado County Supervisor
  58. Steven Detrick, Elk Grove Councilmember
  59. Darren Suen, Elk Grove Councilmember
  60. Ruth Atkin, Emeryville Mayor
  61. Nora Davis, Emeryville Vice Mayor
  62. Scott Donahue, Emeryville Councilmember
  63. Dianne Martinez, Emeryville Councilmember
  64. Jennifer West, Emeryville Former Councilmember
  65. Lisa Shaffer, Encinitas Councilmember
  66. David Weinsoff, Fairfax Councilmember
  67. Peter F. Lacques, Fairfax Councilmember
  68. John Reed, Fairfax Councilmember
  69. Suzanne Chan, Fremont Vice Mayor
  70. Vinnie Bacon, Fremont Councilmember
  71. Anu Natarajan, Fremont Former Councilmember
  72. Oliver Baines III, Fresno Councilmember
  73. Zareh Sinanyan, Glendale Mayor
  74. Laura Friedman, Glendale Councilmember
  75. Paula Perotte, Goleta Mayor
  76. Barbara Nicolls, Grover Beach Councilmember
  77. Karen Bright, Grover Beach Councilmember
  78. Deborah Ruddock, Half Moon Bay Councilmember
  79. Al Mendall, Hayward Mayor Pro Tem
  80. J Francisco Zermeño C, Hayward Councilmember
  81. Sara Lamnin, Hayward Councilmember
  82. Shaun McCaffery, Healdsburg Mayor
  83. Marv Landon, Hidden Hills Councilmember
  84. Joe Shaw, Huntington Beach Former Mayor Pro Tem
  85. James T. Butts, Inglewood Mayor
  86. Beth Krom, Irvine Councilmember
  87. Larry Agran, Irvine Councilmember
  88. Toni Iseman, Laguna Beach Councilmember
  89. Omar Ornelas, Lathrop Councilmember
  90. Paul Akinjo, Lathrop Councilmember
  91. George Gastil, Lemon Grove Councilmember
  92. Jennifer Mendoza, Lemon Grove Councilmember
  93. Gary DeLong, Long Beach Councilmember
  94. Dr. Suja Lowenthal, Long Beach Vice Mayor
  95. Jan Pepper, Los Altos Mayor
  96. Mary Prochnow, Los Altos Councilmember
  97. Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Mayor
  98. Gilbert Cedillo , Los Angeles Councilmember
  99. Bob Blumenfield, Los Angeles Councilmember
  100. Paul Koretz, Los Angeles Councilmember
  101. Jose Huizar, Los Angeles Councilmember
  102. Rob Rennie, Los Gatos Councilmember
  103. Derek O. Robinson, Madera Councilmember
  104. Laura Rosenthal, Malibu Mayor
  105. Lou La Monte, Malibu Mayor Pro Tem
  106. Skylar Peak, Malibu Councilmember
  107. Wayne Powell, Manhattan Beach Mayor
  108. Mark Burton, Manhattan Beach Mayor Pro Tem
  109. Judy, Arnold, Marin County Supervisor
  110. Steve Kinsey, Marin County Supervisor
  111. Katie Rice, Marin County Supervisor
  112. Lara DeLaney, Martinez Councilmember
  113. Michael Menesini, Martinez Former Vice Mayor
  114. Eduardo De La Riva, Maywood Mayor
  115. Catherine Carlton, Menlo Park Mayor
  116. Raymond Mueller, Menlo Park Councilmember
  117. Jose Esteves, Milpitas Mayor
  118. Carmen Montano, Milpitas Vice Mayor
  119. Marsha Grilli, Milpitas Councilmember
  120. Jenny Kenoyer, Modesto Councilmember
  121. Larry Spicer, Monrovia Councilmember
  122. Teresa Onoda, Moraga Councilmember
  123. D. LaDonna Jempson, Moreno Valley Councilmember
  124. Steve Tate, Morgan Hill Mayor
  125. Rich Constantine, Morgan Hill Councilmember
  126. Gordon Siebert, Morgan Hill Councilmember
  127. Marilyn Librers, Morgan Hill Councilmember
  128. Jamie Irons, Morro Bay Mayor
  129. Noah Smukler, Morro Bay Councilmember
  130. Pat Showalter, Mountain View Vice Mayor
  131. Chris Clark, Mountain View Councilmember
  132. Michael Kasperzak, Mountain View Councilmember
  133. Ken Rosenberg, Mountain View Councilmember
  134. Lenny Siegel, Mountain View Councilmember
  135. Alan Nagy, Newark Mayor
  136. Michael Hannon, Newark Councilmember
  137. Eric Lucan, Novato Councilmember
  138. Libby Schaaf, Oakland Mayor
  139. Dan Kalb, Oakland Councilmember
  140. Carmen Ramírez, Oxnard Mayor Pro Tem
  141. Mary Ann Nihart, Pacifica Councilmember
  142. Ginny Foat, Palm Springs Councilmember
  143. Nancy Shepherd, Palo Alto Former Mayor
  144. Larry Klein, Palo Alto Councilmember
  145. Marc Berman, Palo Alto Councilmember
  146. Tom DuBois, Palo Alto Councilmember
  147. Bill Bogaard, Pasadena Mayor
  148. Luis I Molina, Patterson Mayor
  149. Dominic A. Farinha, Patterson Vice Mayor
  150. David Starr Rabb, Perris Councilmember
  151. David Glass, Petaluma Mayor
  152. Brent Tercero, Pico Rivera Councilmember
  153. Erik Howell, Pismo Beach Councilmember
  154. Karla Brown, Pleasanton Vice Mayor
  155. Cristina Carrizosa, Pomona Councilmember
  156. Jon Harrison, Redlands Mayor Pro Tem
  157. Jeff Ginsburg, Redondo Beach Mayor Pro Tem
  158. Bill Brand, Redondo Beach Councilmember
  159. Christian Horvath, Redondo Beach Councilmember
  160. Ian Bain, Redwood City Councilmember
  161. Tom Butt, Richmond Mayor
  162. Gayle McLaughlin, Richmond Councilmember
  163. Jovanka Beckles, Richmond Councilmember
  164. Eduardo Martinez, Richmond Councilmember
  165. Jim Rogers, Richmond Former Councilmember
  166. Norman M. Richardson, Rio Vista Mayor
  167. Dave Hampton, Rio Vista Vice Mayor
  168. Darlene Barber Martinez, Riverbank Vice Mayor
  169. Rusty Bailey, Riverside Mayor
  170. Mike Gardener, Riverside Councilmember
  171. Andy Melendrez, Riverside Councilmember
  172. Steve Hansen, Sacramento Councilmember
  173. Kevin McCarty, Sacramento Former Councilmember
  174. Steve Cohn, Sacramento Former Councilmember
  175. Darrell Fong, Sacramento Former Councilmember
  176. Phil Serna, Sacramento County Supervisor
  177. Doug Kelly, San Anselmo Vice Mayor
  178. Cameron Johnson, San Carlos Vice Mayor
  179. Myrtle Cole, San Diego Councilmember
  180. David Alvarez, San Diego Councilmember
  181. Marti Emerald, San Diego Councilmember
  182. Ed Harris, San Diego Former Councilmember
  183. Joel Fajardo, San Fernando Mayor
  184. Edwin Lee, San Francisco Mayor
  185. Mark Farrell, San Francisco Supervisor
  186. Julie Christensen, San Francisco Supervisor
  187. Katy Tang, San Francisco Supervisor
  188. Scott Wiener, San Francisco Supervisor
  189. David Campos, San Francisco Supervisor
  190. Norman Yee, San Francisco Supervisor
  191. John Avalos, San Francisco Supervisor
  192. David Chiu, San Francisco Former Supervisor
  193. Sam Liccardo, San Jose Mayor
  194. Ash Kalra, San Jose Councilmember
  195. Chuck Reed, San Jose Former Mayor
  196. Madison Nguyen, San Jose Former Vice Mayor
  197. Xavier Campos, San Jose Former Councilmember
  198. Kansen Chu, San Jose Former Councilmember
  199. Pauline Cutter, San Leandro Mayor
  200. Jim Prola, San Leandro Vice Mayor
  201. Jan Marx, San Luis Obispo Mayor
  202. John B. Ashbaugh, San Luis Obispo Vice Mayor
  203. Adam Hill, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor
  204. Genoveva Calloway, San Pablo Councilmember
  205. Phil O’Loane, San Ramon Councilmember
  206. Miguel Pulido, Santa Ana Mayor
  207. Angelica Amezcua, Santa Ana Councilmember
  208. Michele Martinez, Santa Ana Councilmember
  209. Helene Schneider, Santa Barbara Mayor
  210. Salud Carbajal, Santa Barbara County Supervisor
  211. Jamie L. Matthews, Santa Clara Mayor
  212. Dominic Caserta, Santa Clara Councilmember
  213. Cindy Chavez, Santa Clara County Supervisor
  214. Don Lane, Santa Cruz Mayor
  215. Cynthia Mathews, Santa Cruz Councilmember
  216. Richelle Noroyan, Santa Cruz Councilmember
  217. David Terrazas, Santa Cruz Councilmember
  218. Pamela Comstock, Santa Cruz Councilmember
  219. Cynthia Chase, Santa Cruz Councilmember
  220. Ryan Coonerty, Santa Cruz County Supervisor
  221. Zach Friend, Santa Cruz County Supervisor
  222. Gleam Davis, Santa Monica Councilmember
  223. Ted Winterer, Santa Monica Councilmember
  224. Kevin McKeown, Santa Monica Councilmember
  225. Erin Carlstrom, Santa Rosa Councilmember
  226. Howard Miller, Saratoga Mayor
  227. Rishi Kumar, Saratoga Councilmember
  228. Mary-Lynne Bernald, Saratoga Councilmember
  229. Lesa Heebner, Solana Beach Mayor
  230. Peter Zahn, Solana Beach Councilmember
  231. David Zito, Solana Beach Deputy Mayor
  232. Susan Gorin, Sonoma County Supervisor
  233. Efren Carrillo, Sonoma County Supervisor
  234. Diana Mahmud, South Pasadena Mayor Pro Tem
  235. Marina Khubesrian, South Pasadena Councilmember
  236. Alan Galbraith, St. Helena Mayor
  237. Pete Sanchez, Suisun City Mayor
  238. Jim Griffith, Sunnyvale Mayor
  239. Tara Martin-Milius, Sunnyvale Vice Mayor
  240. Jim Davis, Sunnyvale Councilmember
  241. Steve Chamblin, Tehama County Supervisor
  242. Candy Carlson, Tehama County Supervisor
  243. Patrick J. Furey, Torrance Mayor
  244. Tim Goodrich, Torrance Councilmember
  245. Morgan Goodwin, Truckee Councilmember
  246. Osby Davis, Vallejo Mayor
  247. Katy Miessner, Vallejo Councilmember
  248. Bob Sampayan, Vallejo Councilmember
  249. Erik Nasarenko, Ventura Deputy Mayor
  250. Rebecca J. Garcia, Watsonville Councilmember
  251. Lindsey Horvath, West Hollywood Mayor
  252. Lauren Meister, West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tem
  253. John J. Duran, West Hollywood Councilmember
  254. John D’Amico, West Hollywood Councilmember
  255. Don Saylor, Yolo County Supervisor
  256. Richard Hall, Yountville Vice Mayor

*While some of these individuals have been elected to new offices, we have listed the offices held at the time they endorsed this statement.