“We’re on our way to a million electric vehicles”

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Charge Ahead California Groups React to Governor’s Support for Campaign’s Goal of One Million Electric Vehicles on State’s Roads

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 “We’re on our way to a million electric vehicles”
Governor Edmund G. Brown
State of the State Address, January 22, 2014


SACRAMENTO – As part of his 2014 State of the State address this morning, Governor Edmund G. Brown included a full-throated endorsement of one of the chief objectives of the Charge Ahead California campaign, putting one million cars, trucks and buses on California’s roads. The support comes on the heels of the Governor’s January 9th budget proposal, which included up to $200 million in proceeds from the state’s cap and trade auctions to support electric vehicles programs.

Statements from several Charge Ahead California groups follow:

Coalition for Clean Air:

“Governor Brown’s commitment to electric vehicles will, with the cooperation of the Legislature, translate into cleaner air and reduced oil dependence for all Californians.” – Bill Magavern, Policy Director

Communities for a Better Environment:

“We are grateful that Governor Brown highlighted the impacts of climate change in his address with the expressed need to aggressively reduce our consumption of fossil fuel in transportation. We believe that the need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel in all sectors, including transportation, is urgent and possible, and we look forward to working with the governor’s office and the Legislature to create an equitable and effective system in putting one million electric vehicles on the road.”– Bahram Fazeli, Policy Director

Environment California:

“California has a critical opportunity—and responsibility—to head off the worst impacts of climate change on local communities.  We look forward to working with the Governor on his plan to put California in the driver’s seat on clean, electric vehicles.” – Michelle Kinman, Clean Energy Advocate

The Greenlining Institute:

“We are strongly encouraged that the governor not only recognized the importance of cutting our gasoline use and putting a million electric vehicles on the road, he pointed out the crucial role that immigrants and communities of color can play in that effort. We must move ahead with policies that put clean vehicles within reach of all Californians, regardless of income, race or neighborhood.” – Vien Truong, Environmental Equity Director

Natural Resources Defense Council:

“The days of fossil fuel-powered vehicles in California are numbered. With Governor Brown’s unequivocal support and growing consumer demand, California’s cars, trucks, and buses are going electric. Powered by clean and increasingly renewable energy, this growing fleet is cleaning the air in communities exposed to dangerous pollution. Governor Brown continues to be a climate leader by supporting electric vehicles and we will work with him to continue finding solutions to the problem that will define our generation.”– Roland Hwang, Transportation Program Director

Media Contacts

Bill Magavern, Coalition for Clean Air (916) 527-8051
Bahram Fazeli, Communities for a Better Environment (323) 826-9771 x100
Michelle Kinman, Environment California (310) 621-8935
Bruce Mirken, The Greenlining Institute (510) 926-4022
Jessica Lass, Natural Resources Defense Council (415) 875-6143
Eric Jaffe, Resource Media (415) 397-5000 x311

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