Letter: Local elected officials urge Gov. Newsom to save rooftop solar


Governor Gavin Newsom

1303 10th Street, Suite 1173

Sacramento, CA 95814

California Public Utilities Commission

505 Van Ness Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94102

CPUC Docket #: R.20-08-020

Dear Governor Newsom,

On behalf of my city, I urge you to keep California’s rooftop solar programs strong. One of the most important policies that has helped grow rooftop solar in California is net energy metering, a policy that allows Californians to use energy from the sun to power their homes, apartments, schools, farms and businesses, and receive a bill credit for the excess electricity they send to the grid. This year, the California Public Utilities Commission is considering drastic changes to this critical program. 

In 2021, Californians across our state have been faced with climate catastrophes. Our communities faced record heat waves, dangerous wildfires and increased air pollution. At this time we must speed up our transition to clean energy like rooftop solar plus storage, not undermine one of our best clean energy and climate programs. 

Local solar and storage gives our communities clean energy choices that save money, keep the lights on, clean up our air, and fight climate change. To date, California’s energy policies have also resulted in nearly 75,000 solar jobs. A strong net energy metering program is essential to a thriving rooftop solar industry. 

Lastly, in order to decarbonize and reach 100 percent clean energy, we need to empower and incentivize California’s residents and businesses to contribute to this effort. We must ensure that we are prioritizing the continued growth of local solar and battery storage and the benefits that they provide to all in our communities. 

We encourage you to maintain a strong net energy metering program in California. 


John Freidrich, City Councilmember, South Lake Tahoe 

Pauline Cutter, Mayor, San Leandro 

Emmanuel Estrada, Mayor, Baldwin Park 

Teresa Barrett, Mayor, Petaluma 

Eli Beckman, Mayor, Corta Madera 

Mary Casillas Salas, Mayor, Chula Vista 

Claudia Bill-de le Peña, Mayor, Thousand Oaks 

Chris Ricci, Council Member, Modesto 

Gregory Raths, Councilman, Mission Viejo 

Dan Kalb, City Councilmember, Oakland 

Bill Baber, City Councilmember, La Mesa 

Dennis Pocekay, City Councilmember, Petaluma

Claudia Jimenez, City Councilmember, Richmond 

David Cohen, Councilmember, San Jose 

Alexandre Monteiro, Councilmember, Hawthorne 

Eddie Alvarez, Councilmember, Santa Rosa 

Nithya Raman, City Councilmember, Los Angeles 

Bobby Duncan, Mayor Pro Tem, Yucaipa

Loren Taylor, Councilmember, Oakland 

Artemio Villegas, Mayor Pro Tem, Madera

Chris Duncan, City Councilmember, San Clemente 

Nelida Mendoza, Councilmember, Santa Ana 

Jon Willey, City Councilor, Cupertino 

Jenny Kenoyer, Councilmember, Modesto 

Valerie Arkin, City Councilmember, Pleasanton

Wes Speake, Vice Mayor, Corona 

Debra Lucero, Butte County Supervisor, Chico 

Charles Stone, Mayor, Belmont 

Alma Beltran, Mayor, Parlier 

James Campbell, Mayor, Belvedere

Robert Brownstone, Mayor, Half Moon Bay 

Christian Dinco, Councilman, Eastvale 

Ann Schneider, Mayor, Millbrae 

Justin Massey, City Councilmember, Hermosa Beach 

Steve Young, Mayor, Benicia 

Pat Furey, Mayor, Torrance 

Maryann Moise Derwin, Mayor, Portola Valley 

Ronald Kott, Mayor, Rio Vista 

Sofia Rubalcava, Mayor, Ventura 

Victor Aguilar, Vice Mayor, San Leandro 

Bruce Ackerman, Mayor, Fairfax 

John Hidahl, El Dorado County Supervisor, Placerville 

Kathy Ward, Mayor, San Clemente 

Steven Vargas, Mayor, Brea 

Alan Nagy, Mayor, Newark 

Priya Bhat-Patel, Councilmember, Carlsbad 

Otto Lee, Supervisor, Santa Clara County 

Keith Corum, Supervisor, Glenn County 

Jim Provenza, Board of Supervisors Chair, Yolo County 

Barbara Halliday, Mayor, Hayward 

Jaime Tarne, Mayor, Etna 

Greg Bradley, Treasurer, Upland 

Christy Gilbert Holstege, Esq., Mayor, Palm Springs 

Paul Grisanti, Mayor, Malibu

Ann Schneider, Mayor, Millbrae

Paul Fadelli, Mayor, El Cerrito

Drew Boyles, Mayor, El Segundo