Electric vehicles

Taking charge: A guide to used electric vehicles

6:00 - 7:30pm PDT


Mike Flippo | Shutterstock.com

Used electric vehicles provide the environmental and financial benefits of an EV at a fraction of the cost, and new federal incentives and more options make 2023 the best year yet to purchase one. But what if you’re interested in an EV, but worried about price, charging, or range, or just not sure where to get started?

On Wednesday, Jan. 18, we held a webinar where we talked with electric vehicle advocates, experts and technicians about how to get the best bang for your buck when purchasing a used electric vehicle, how to find the used EV model that’s right for you, what maintenance is needed to keep an EV in top shape, how to save thousands of dollars with unprecedented federal incentives, and more.

“Everyone who doesn’t drive an electric vehicle should consider it,” Craig Van Batenburg, CEO of Automotive Career and Development Center, said during the webinar.

Used electric vehicles (EVs) can provide these benefits at a lower price point than a new EV. Benefits like an average of 60-66% fewer carbon emissions, money saved on gas and maintenance in most areas, and quiet ride that’s a blast to drive. And new federal incentives that come into effect in 2023 could save you up to $4,000, and make it easier than ever to switch from a gas car to a used EV.

“Cleaner, reliable, and more affordable transportation should be available for everyone. Federal and state incentives are making electrified transportation more accessible to all that want to experience the benefits that come from driving an EV.” – Ellie Peichel, Policy Specialist, Plug In America