Another Oil Spill in the Midst of Wildfires, Millions of Dead Trees, Drought, Extreme Heatwaves and Rolling Blackouts — We Need To Keep It In The Ground!

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Environment California

A statement by Dan Jacobson, director of Environment California in response to the latest oil spill off the coast of Ventura, California:

“As the coastline bleeds black with another oil spill, this is latest proof that fossil fuels are dirty and dangerous. Wildfires, drought, millions of dead trees, extreme heatwaves, oil spills, and rolling black outs—this is what global warming looks like in California and it will only look worse soon. This is exactly why we need to keep our fossil fuels in the ground.

These spills can be large or small, but the overall impacts are massive. Every year hundreds of thousands of gallons from large and small spills foul our beaches and pollute our oceans. But it is not just oil spills that are dangerous for our environment. 

According to our latest research, in 2014 at least 650 wells were fracked in California, releasing an estimated total of 140 million pounds of methane within their first few weeks of operation. One-hundred forty million pounds:

  • Is equal to two-thirds the amount of methane released at the failed Aliso Canyon gas storage well;
  • Has a greater impact on the climate than the emissions avoided from all residential rooftop solar panels in California; and
  • Has a greater impact on the climate than the emissions avoided from all electric vehicles in California.

Methane is a super pollutant and wreaks havoc on our climate. Reducing methane can help to stave off some of the worst impacts of global warming.

We are calling on our elected officials and the Governor to make plans not just for more solar power and clean cars, but also to keep fossil fuels in the ground. We need to phase out oil drilling and fracking in California. If this is the preview to the impacts of global warming in California, we cannot wait for the premiere to act.”