California and Washington DC Finally See “Eye to Eye” on Clean Energy and Global Warming

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Statement of Environment California Clean Energy Advocate Bernadette Del Chiaro on President Obama’s Address to Congress

Environment California

“In his address to both houses of Congress tonight, President Obama highlighted the need to solve global warming and jump-start a clean energy economy. This is a call to action on which California has long led the way  and it is a slam dunk for the environment and the economy.”

“California’s leadership role in promoting clean energy and global warming solutions is not diminished under an Obama Administration. Instead, California finally has a partner Washington D.C. to best promote clean energy technologies of the future like solar and wind power and clean cars.”

“In his speech tonight, President Obama made it clear that his priorities for the coming year include promoting renewable energy, promoting clean cars, and fighting global warming by establishing a cap on carbon emissions. These are also California’s priorities and it is critical that Washington D.C. support California as we move toward achieving our global warming goals by 2020.”

“In short, President Obama’s support for clean energy and global warming solutions is huge. What a difference a new president makes. Just a few months ago, we were fighting a surge in dirty coal and dangerous nuclear power around the country. Now we have a president who understands that a clean energy future is critical to America’s environmental and economic future.”

“This leadership in Washington is critical right here at home in California. We not only need Washington to step out of the way and allow California to lead as we see fit, such as with clean cars policies, but we need a real partner in leading the world toward clean energy and global warming solutions.”

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