Environment California Announces Pro-Environment Endorsements for 2012 Elections

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Environment California

Sacramento, CA — Environment California announced its endorsements for the 2012 election season, shining a spotlight on key pro-environment candidates for Congress, the White House and key ballot measures (www.environmentcalifornia.org/page/cae/2012-elections).

“When it comes to the air we breathe, the water we drink and the places we love, elections matter. Environment California is proud to endorse these eleven candidates and one ballot measure which deserve our support as the right choices for voters who care about clean water, clean air, clean energy, solving global warming and protecting our most treasured natural spaces,” said Dan Jacobson.

Environment California endorses the following candidates:

President Barack Obama- President Obama has aggressively protected our families’ health by tackling pollution that threatens the quality of our air and our water. He has advanced policies to dramatically reduce our dependence on oil and has doubled the nation’s reliance on clean renewable energy.  To move America toward a clean energy future, to protect our environment and health, and to ensure the U.S. does our part to combat global warming, President Barack Obama gets Environment California’s enthusiastic support.

Jared Huffman– While in the State Assembly Jared Huffman has been a staunch defender for the environment. He has fought for clean air and clean water. He has authored several Environment California bills, including bills to increase the amount of power we generate from clean energy sources. Mr. Huffman will make a terrific addition to the California Congressional Delegation.

Representative John Garamendi– Congressman Garamendi has been fighting to protect our environment for years. He is a champion to keep our coast free from new oil and gas drilling, he is a strong protector of our beautiful places and he is a proponent of clean energy, like wind and solar. We are proud to endorse Congressman Garamendi for Congress.

Dr. Ami Bera– Dr. Bera knows that clean energy is critical to California and the countries future. Dr. Bera knows that by promoting clean energy we are not only reduce smog at home, reduce the need for dangerous fossil fuels, but we also create jobs in California. We support Dr. Bera for Congress.

Representative Jerry McNerney– Congressman McNerney knows about clean energy. Before joining the Congress he was a leader in the clean energy field. We need someone who knows the clean energy industry and can work to pass legislation to promote more home grown clean energy. We support Jerry McNerney.

Jose Hernandez– Mr. Hernandez knows that clean energy is the key to the future California. The Central Valley is home to some of the worst air pollution in the country. Promoting clean energy will reduce air pollution and bring more jobs to California. We support Jose Hernandez for Congress.

Representative Lois Capps– Congresswomen Capps has been a champion when it comes to protecting our environment and public health for years. She is a leader in fighting to keep our shores free of more oil and gas development, she has fought hard to stave off the worst impacts of global warming and she is working to protect our beautiful open spaces. We support Congresswomen Capps for Congress.

Julia Brownley– During Julia Brownley’s tenure in the state capitol she was a champion on the environment. She was the author of our bill to ban single use plastic bags. She was a champaion on clean energy and fought to reduce our exposure to dangerous chemicals. We are proud to support Julia Brownley for Congress.

Representative Henry Waxman– For 30+ years Congressman Waxman has been the champion in Congress for the environment. From the clean air act to clean energy and fighting global warming, Mr. Waxman has lead the charge to keeping our nations environment cleaner. We are proud to support Congressman Henry Waxman.

Allan Lowenthal– While in the Sacramento Legislature Assemblymember and Senator Lowenthal has been a champion on the environment. He has fought to reduce ocean pollution, generate less pollution by promoting better public transportation, and helped to bring more clean energy to California. We are proud to support Allan Lowenthal for Congress.

Scott Peters– We support Scott Peters for Congress. Scott has shown while on the city council that he will be a champion on the environment in Congress. We will fight for clean air, clean water and open space. We support Scott Peters for Congress.

Environment California endorses the following ballot measure:

Proposition 37– Prop 37 gives us the right to know if our food has been genetically engineered. For years Environment California has fought in the legislature for legislation to promote labeling of GMO products. Environment California urges a YES vote on prop 37.


Environment California is a statewide environmental group working for clean air, clean water and beautiful places.

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