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Today, the Los Angeles City Council took a historic step by becoming the largest city in the nation to ban single-use plastic bags. With Angelenos living bag free, all eyes are on the state Legislature to ban plastic bags statewide.
“This is a great step forward,” says Environment California Legislative Director Dan Jacobson. “With 48 cities living plastic bag free, the time is now for the state Legislature to move a statewide bill to ban single use plastic bags.”
Single-use plastic bags have gone from a public nuisance to an environmental crisis. Designed to be used for only minutes, plastic bags never degrade and last hundreds of years in the ocean. Plastic pollution can kill wildlife that mistake it for food or become entangled in it. Over the past 25 years, plastic bags have been one of the top items collected on International Coastal Cleanup Day.
Not only is there tremendous public support, but some of the entertainment industry’s premier talent have embraced this pressing issue as well. Julia Roberts, Jeff Bridges, Kyra Sedgwick, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Rosario Dawson, John Cusack, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and many more are bringing a spotlight to this critical environmental issue.
“Californians up and down the state are fed up with plastic bags and they want Sacramento to act,” says Jacobson. “We are now turning our campaign to the legislature to secure a statewide ban on plastic bags.”

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