Presidential Candidates Urged To Commit America To A Clean Energy Future

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Environment California

Los Angeles, C.A. – Environment California today in Los Angeles urged all of the presidential candidates to pledge to turn things around and put America on the clean energy path. Documenting the need, viability and support for an aggressive clean energy agenda, Environment California released a new report by Environment America, Clean Energy for America: Why the 44th President Must Put America on the Clean Energy Path. In addition, a roadmap of clean energy actions for the 44th President’s first 100 days was released, Putting America on the Path to Clean Energy: A Presidential Plan of Action for the First 100 Days.

“California voters have the right to know where the candidates stand on one of the most critical problems facing the country: our addiction to dirty energy,” said Jeremy Mills Federal Field Organizer for Environment California. “America’s next president must follow California’s lead and make big, bold clean energy initiatives a centerpiece of their environmental and economic policies.”

The new report, Clean Energy for America, documents the enormous potential for clean energy solutions, such as solar, wind, and biomass power, and energy efficiency and highlights the dire need for America’s next president to put the country on a true clean energy path. The report, along with the roadmap paper, provide a concrete list of the most important policies that the next president should initiate to bring greater energy independence and more jobs to the United States, solve global warming, and put America back in the lead in technological innovation.

Environment California is calling on all of the presidential candidates to make a pledge for clean energy, promising to, if elected, meet all future energy needs with clean, renewable energy and employ these policy recommendations soon after entering office. The campaign has been following the presidential candidates throughout all the early primary states in the country.