Statement: Colorado Legislature passes building codes legislation that reduces pollution, lowers global warming emissions

Media Contacts
Rex Wilmouth

Former Senior Program Director, Environment Colorado

DENVER – The Colorado Legislature passed a bill on Wednesday that requires cities and counties to update their building energy codes, ensuring that new buildings are ready for renewable energy installations, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and all-electric heating and cooling systems. 

The bill (HB1362) directs local governments that have building codes to adopt and begin enforcing the most recent version of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) no later than January 1, 2025. If enacted, the bill would also ensure building codes include electric- and solar-ready requirements, and tight energy efficiency standards. 

In response, Environment Colorado Senior Program Director Rex Wilmouth issued the following statement:

“Environment Colorado applauds the Colorado legislature for supporting clean energy buildings that will brighten our future. In 2022, our state can power our homes and workplaces with renewable energy. This law will help Colorado achieve its clean energy potential.

“Making sure new homes are ready to incorporate solar panels and electric vehicles just makes sense. And switching to clean, efficient and electric technologies, like heat pumps for space and water heating and induction cook stoves, can lead to less indoor and outdoor air pollution, which means cleaner air for us to breathe. Electric home technologies also mean less water pollution, reduced energy waste which can lead to more affordable utility bills, and greener communities overall. 

“Enacting this law will reduce the pollution that’s dangerously warming our planet and clean up our air. Governor Polis should waste no time in signing it into law.”