Statement: Offshore Wind & Jobs Act passes out of California Assembly

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LOS ANGELES — The California Assembly, by a bipartisan 76-0 vote Monday, passed legislation to help unlock offshore wind’s clean energy potential in California. AB 3, the California Offshore Wind & Jobs Act, was authored by Asm. Rick Zbur and sponsored by Environment California. The bill will next move to the relevant state Senate policy committees.

The California Offshore Wind & Jobs Act is designed to provide critical infrastructure and regulatory frameworks to support the development of offshore wind projects along the state’s coastline. The bill encourages thorough and timely planning by the state to stimulate the growth of a thriving offshore wind industry by enhancing seaport readiness and by studying the potential for assembling and manufacturing most of the infrastructure needed for offshore wind energy projects in-state.

California needs large amounts of offshore wind power to meet its ultimate goal of 100% clean electricity and its robust offshore wind generation target of 25 gigawatts by 2045, enough to power 25 million homes by mid-century. The state will need to quickly, yet carefully, build the necessary infrastructure, such as new and expanded port facilities, to facilitate progress.

In response, Steven King, Environment California’s Clean Energy Advocate, released the following statement:

“AB 3 puts the wind at our backs, helping meet our climate goals by facilitating the production of huge amounts of clean, renewable energy. This bill puts key pieces in place for California to go big on offshore wind, which will significantly reduce the air and climate pollution that threatens our environment and our health every day.”

“We thank Asm. Rick Zbur, Speaker Anthony Rendon, and members of the Assembly for passing this important legislation today.”