Tell Gov. Newsom: Protect California’s coast

Channel Islands Harbor Seal
Joe Belanger | Shutterstock.com
An adorable harbor seal in Southern California's Channel Islands swims out of the kelp and briefly stares into my camera for a picture.

Dear Governor Newsom,

California’s coastline is home to stunning beaches, amazing wildlife, and is a true treasure for everyone who lives in or visits our state. That’s why we’ve invested in protecting this ocean heritage through the creation of our state network of marine protected areas. Just like state parks on land, these areas help protect and restore ocean life.

Now we have an opportunity to strengthen this network through the Decadal Management Review. I urge you to use this process to advance your important goal of protecting 30% of our state waters by 2030. Specifically, I urge you to expand the network to protect the state’s last remaining kelp forests, critical homes to fish and sea otters, and to strengthen existing areas that don’t yet provide high levels of protection for ocean life.

With your leadership, California can expand this network of ocean parks to create a brighter future for our state’s ocean life and continue to lead the country in ocean conservation.



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