100% Renewable

Harder, better, faster, stronger clean energy action

California can go harder, better, faster, stronger toward 100% clean energy with new action in our state legislature.

Clean energy

Offshore wind turbines
California has abundant renewable energy across the state; from the sun that rises and shines on us each and every day, to the powerful coastal winds that blow offshore and the waves that lap against the shore.
We already lead the nation in catching that sunshine and are committed to getting 100% of our energy from renewable power, but there is so much more untapped power we could be harnessing to energize our lives.
Laura Deehan speaking at a podium that reads "Go big on offshore wind"
Off California’s coastline we have more offshore wind potential than almost anywhere else in the country.
The volcanic heat that makes our state so earthquake prone is a natural source of power that we could be using to heat our homes. But some of these clean energy solutions take investments over multiple years to develop and require market certainty that is difficult for small utilities to count on. Thats where AB1373 comes in. This bill by Asm. Eddie Garcia gives the state the authority to buy clean energy and sell it to smaller energy providers, making offshore wind and geothermal power and some storage solutions, far more doable.
Gov. Newsom and legislative leaders have come together to support this solution to unleash new clean power resources and now we need to convince two thirds of the state legislature to support it.
Tell your state legislator to support AB 1373 to chart a course to 100% renewables that is harder, better, faster and stronger than anything we have seen before.
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