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SF bay area campaign office launches effort to save bees in Albany, California

Our bay area campaign staff launch an effort in Albany, California to save the bees!

photo by staff

Our bay area campaign staff just launched an effort in Albany, California to save the bees! 

Campaign staff are getting out and knocking on doors in Albany, California to build support for a bill to save the bees along with other pollinators. The bill would ban the unnecessary use of neonics; a class of pesticides that are linked to the decline in bee colonies. One in four native bee species is at risk of extinction in California. The bee die off surged after the broad adoption of neonicotinoid pesticides. Nowadays these neonics are included in products for everyday gardening and landscaping, and are widely used in lawns, golf courses and gardens. However, there are much safer alternatives that don’t kill the bees and other pollinators that we need for the food we eat and the balance of life on earth. Thats why Environment California is sponsoring AB2146 to restrict the use of these chemicals across California. Join us in supporting this campaign today!

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