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Victory for Nature: California sets bold conservation goal

The Golden State's lands and oceans will see stronger protections following the passage of a new land and coastal waters conservation goal.


Coastal California Beach
Matt McIntosh/NOAA | Public Domain
California is home to breathtaking landscapes, like Schooner Gulch State Beach.

This week California scored a victory for more nature!  Our state is home to breathtaking wild places. From centuries-old sequoias to cuddly sea otters, encounters with our state’s beautiful places are one of the best parts of living in the Golden State.

That’s why we’re excited to see California legislators make our state’s conservation commitment, first set by Gov. Newsom as an executive order, on track to being the formal law of the land. On Monday, the Assembly passed SB 337 with 69 yeas and 7 nays. The bill, which codifies Governor Newsom’s 2020 pledge to protect 30 percent of the state’s land and coastal waters by 2030, had already passed through the State Senate with an overwhelming, bipartisan majority.

More ancient forests can be protected Photo by Egor Shitikov |

It’s clear that California’s leaders, just like its residents, understand the importance of protecting our wild spaces. From climate change and oil drilling to commercial fishing, too many of our natural spaces are at risk from human activities. So whether it’s advocating for more marine reserves or for preserving our state’s oldest forests, we’re excited to keep working to ensure future generations of Californians can enjoy and appreciate the magnificent nature the Golden State has to offer.

colorful rocky reef with fish

More rocky coral reefs can be protectedPhoto by Greg McFall/NOAA | Public Domain

The bill now heads to the Governor’s desk, where we urge him to sign it with fanfare to celebrate our state’s leadership and commitment to protecting California’s most beautiful places. 

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