Environment California member Jim Dodenhoff and daughter Carolyn

I appreciate the excellent work that Environment California is doing

James Dodenhoff
Member, Environment California

Climate change is the existential issue of our time. For more than 10 years, I have supported Environment California for its dedication to addressing and solving the most pressing environmental issues we face. The organization makes a difference by means of its intelligent, compelling and solutions-oriented approach. The campaigns drew me in, but seeing the staff and young advocates’ enthusiasm and dedication to making a difference reinforces my support. 

The environment, and the Earth, were here long before human beings. Both will remain here long after human beings are gone. Being a steward of the environment means providing a viable future for my children, and their children. I firmly believe that my generation has a deep and undeniable obligation to do everything in our power to preserve and regenerate the environment so that future generations can thrive. Anything less abandons our core responsibility of taking care of each other. I appreciate the excellent work that Environment California is doing and am privileged to be a supporter.

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Our wild planet is calling on you this Earth Day

From buzzing bees to howling wolves, and from ancient forests to sprawling coastlines, our natural world is a gift that keeps on giving. Will you donate today to help keep it that way?