An equal and opposite reaction to the government’s offshore drilling plan

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Kelsey Lamp

Director, Protect Our Oceans Campaign, Environment America Research & Policy Center

Environment America

WASHINGTON — Statement from Kelsey Lamp, Oceans Associate with Environment America on legislation in Congress opposing the Trump administration’s offshore drilling plan:

“Today, congressional leaders introduced bills to protect our oceans and coastlines. Reps. Frank Pallone, Joe Cunningham, Salud Carbajal, David Cicilline, Kathy Castor, Jared Huffman and Donald McEachin each introduced legislation that would prohibit offshore drilling in parts of our federal waters.

“The reality, proven time and again, is that when we drill, we spill. Opening our coasts to offshore drilling would devastate our marine ecosystems and our way of life.

“Sir Isaac Newton said that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The leadership and bills from these members of Congress are the equal and opposite reaction we’ve been waiting for. We’re sending a big thank you to all of them for their efforts to protect our coastal waters from offshore drilling.

“Threatening our beaches and coastal communities, all for a little more oil, is not only the wrong choice, it’s unnecessary, as renewable energy and clean technologies continue to soar.”