Electrify UPS: New campaign calls on global shipping company to transition to electric delivery trucks

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Josh Chetwynd

Morgan Hayward

Former Director, Destination: Zero Carbon, Environment America Research & Policy Center

Environment America Research & Policy Center calls on UPS to reimagine its fleet with clean energy

Environment America Research & Policy Center

PHILADELPHIA — Environment America Research & Policy Center launched a new campaign Thursday calling on the United Parcel Service (UPS) to purchase all electric vehicles for their delivery fleet of 125,000 vehicles by 2030. 

“Delivering packages to our doorsteps shouldn’t come with the unhealthy add-on of air pollution and a warmer climate,” said Wendy Wendlandt, president of Environment America Research & Policy Center. “As the world’s largest courier, UPS has a responsibility and opportunity to lead the shipping industry to an electric future with zero-emission trucks.”

Transportation, including the iconic brown UPS trucks, is the leading source of global warming pollution in the United States. Shipping companies like UPS operate fleets of largely diesel-powered trucks that drive in our neighborhoods and near our homes every day. The delivery trucks and tractor trailers that deliver consumer goods are also responsible for nearly half of smog-causing nitrogen oxide emissions and nearly 60% of the fine particulate matter from all vehicles.

UPS has committed to having carbon neutral operations by 2050, but is still focusing on expanding its number of vehicles fueled by gas primarily made of methane in its fleet. Methane brings with it a heap of environmental and health problems including the fact that methane emissions are speeding up global warming. 

The company delivers on average nearly 25 million packages and documents every day with a fleet of 125,000 vehicles. As of 2020 UPS has only committed to ordering 10,000 electric vehicles, but competitors FedEx and Amazon have gone further than UPS to reduce their carbon footprints.

“By committing to all-electric trucks, UPS can help deliver a stable climate to future generations,” said Morgan Folger, Environment America Research & Policy Center’s Destination: Zero Carbon campaign director. “The urgency of climate change requires a transition to a zero-emission fleet as quickly as UPS can deliver packages.”

As a part of this campaign, Environment America Research & Policy and its state affiliates in more than two dozen states across the country will engage UPS customers to encourage the company to commit to all electric trucks. A survey by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication found that 70% of Americans think corporations should do more to address global warming. 

“UPS describes itself as ‘Customer First, People Led, Innovation Driven’ and strives to ‘deliver what matters,’” Folger said. “All-electric trucks are the innovative solution to get customers what they need without polluting our air. UPS can help bring the whole shipping industry along and lead the way to an electric future.”